Feb. 18th, 2009

sticknick: (FUCK OFF! - stolen from briansue)
A couple of Solstices ago, I received a gift from [livejournal.com profile] stitch. It was a mason jar that had a teddy bear in it. The teddy bear was suspended in what is supposed to be formaldehyde. On the side of the jar was a small label that said "Tetanus".

It was pretty cute. I brought it to work last year and put it on my desk. It's not offensive. Quite to opposite in fact. It made for a great conversational piece. People were always asking about it and picking it up to look at it.

This morning I come in and find that the jar is open. The lid and the teddy bear are gone.

All that's sitting on my desk is a mason jar, half filled with coloured water. This is surrounded by a wad of used paper towels.

Some motherfucker actually took the time to remove the bear from it's jar and then half heatedly clean up the mess... leaving the paper towels on my desk.

Why not just take the whole fucking thing? I mean, really?

While I'm pissed off beyond belief, I can't help but wonder: "What good is a dead teddy bear to anyone?"

EDIT: I just noticed a ransom note on the tag:

You want Teddy?
Show up: Main Lobby
12:00PM sharp


I have a good idea who's work this is.

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