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Got my copy of OS X Snow Leopard yesterday. Went to Future Shop on Merivale while Tara hit up the Running Room for a decent pair of running shoes.

This other dude and myself managed to snag the last two copies they had. Sure, I could have gone to the Mac Store but driving downtown on a Friday night was simply out of the question. The guy at Future Shop said he was pretty surprised: "We got six crates of these things yesterday and put them out today. I thought we had more than enough. You guys are lucky."

Since I had to work last night (Fridays=upgrade nights!) I didn't get around to upgrading until today.

So far the initial reviews I've read online have been pretty bang on; looks no different that Leopard, but it noticeably faster and more refined.

I can say that Snow Leopard is faster than the previous version. The install also reclaimed nearly 8GB of space (most likely due to the fact that Apple has stripped out the PPC code). As well, opening the Activity Monitor and seeing all the core apps running in full 64bit mode is awesome. Safari, which I've started to use more and more, simply screams now. I've yet to really test out all my apps - I'm really interested to see how my Adobe CS4 suite runs under SL - but so far so good.

The one major reason I'm super excited about this upgrade is that the Mac OS now has built in Exchange support. Until now, I've had to use Microsoft Entourage to get my work mail and calendar events. I absolutely loath Entourage. It's cranky, slow, and buggy. I've managed to live with it though; after two years at Adobe running Outlook in Windows loaded up in a VMWare Fusion environment, using Entourage for my new job was the less painful of the two options.

Now, I can happily uninstall Entourage - or rather, I'm going to wait a day just to make sure all keeps on working like it is now. This is a first release OS after all.

So far so good though :)
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