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Wow. My immediate family is fucking amazing. I don't know how else to put it. I am lucky enough to have a super loving and supportive wife, a laid back, kick ass son and an awesome, so-cute-it-hurts daughter. To top it off, another family member will be joining us in 2010.

The three (soon to be four) of you inspire me like nothing else in this world does.

A quick word to a couple of people who just seem think nothing of causing retarded drama is totally OK, and then are seriously confused at the fact that everyone is angry and now want nothing to do with you: FUCK YOU!

Life Stuff: Work and Recreation.

Ah, Adobe. You canned a bunch of us in 2008. Told us we could stay until mid-2009. Whatever. My last day was June 26 and on June 29 I walked into a kick ass job (working from home no less) that I managed to get by keeping my head down, gritting my teeth and eating big, heaping spoonfuls the bullshit you were feeding us. I still love a good portion of your products Adobe. As a company though, you can suck me.

Side note: as awesome as my job is now, I'm still mad at myself for not taking the MacBook Pro with me from Adobe when I left.

The band had a good year. People seem to like us. French people especially. We've noticed a few repeat faces at shows; people who are not our friends. We opened for Exodus. That was fun. We wrote some new songs. That was fun too.

The band is going into the studio in a week or so. I'll let you know if that was fun at a later date.

Cool Christmas Gifts - because I think they're cool and I want to write about them.

The Best = XKCD and Vinyl Cafe gifts from Tara. The XKCD tie and T-shirt were made better by them fucking up the order and sending the wrong shirt. Tara emailed them and they are going to send the right shirt and I can keep the one they sent by mistake.

The Vinyl Cafe books, Stories From The Vinyl Cafe and Home From The Vinyl Cafe, have already been read and Tara is now finishing them up.

The Neat and Geek = A Seymour Duncan Invader for my guitar from Tara's mum and an Apple Magic Mouse and Wireless keyboard from my mum and dad.

Was going to install the pickup myself so I bought a soldering kit. Opened the back of my guitar. Looked at the mess of wires. Closed the back of the guitar. Will be taking it into Long and McQuade this weekend and I will pay them to do the surgery.

Loving the Magic Mouse and the keyboard. Bluetooth rocks my computer world and having a mouse with NO buttons on it is awesome. As well, having a keyboard with no number pad is equally as awesome.

Another Decade Rolls Over...

I actually caught myself writing a Best Ten Albums Of The Past Ten Years list the other day. I promptly closed my text writing app without saving.

That being said, I can't believe it took until the second half of 2009 to find my favorite album of the year and the decade: Patrick Watson "Wooden Arms". Hands down.

Also, Device of the Decade? iPhone. Without question. And I dare you to give me one good reason why this is not so.


Two Thousand and Ten will see a new family member come into the world and, after thinking about it, that's all I really care about: my family.

A couple of days ago I started to write a long winded, rather whiny post about how much I hate social network sites and one of my goals/resolutions for the next year was to stay away from Facebook (to delete it actually) and do more drawing and painting instead. Then I got to thinking that not only will that not happen (my Facebook will stay and I will probably only paint one picture in all of next year), but I don't really care enough about these minor gripes I hold towards silly things like online comment sections and social network sites. I have more important things in this world to care about other than what some douchebag said in the comment section of the CBC news site.

Fuck all that.

I'm simply just going to focus on being the best husband I can be to Tara and the best father I can be to Kailen, Lily and Sprout. Everything else is entirely inconsequential.

Happy New Years everyone! See you on the other side.
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