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It's been a rather ridiculous week so far. I really miss my family. Well, Kailen is here this weekend so it's cool to hang with him, but yeah, I like it when everybody is here.

Tuesday morning we were all up at 3am and I dropped Tara, Lily and Sue off at the airport then came home. I got here about five-ish? Sure. I stayed up for another forty-five minutes, then went to bed. I was up again at eight and since then my week has been like this:

Tuesday: Work from 8am - 5:30. Go to beer store, pick up Mez and Dan. Head back to my place, drink some beer and go over the rough mix of the new recording. New recording is sounding fucking awesome if I do say so myself. Mez and Dan leave - late-ish. I go back to work until 3:30am or so.

It's here I should note that I didn't test the work I was doing. I simply put my fixes into place, then went to bed.

Wednesday: Up at 8am. Check my email to find that the fixes I put in didn't work. Caught some hell. Two major events with another customer happened that day as well. Worked until 6:30 or so. My brother came over until 9pm. I had a meeting at 9pm with the company whose fixes I didn't check to find out exactly what they expected. Stayed up until 4am delivering what was expected (tested of course).

Thusrday: Up at 8am. This day was crazy busy, but I managed to pick up the Good Food Box thingy that Tara has been talking about. Here is a picture:

All that said, I was off at 5 on the dot as I had plans to meet up with my ex-coworkers at Adobe for a few drinks. Cabbed down and shot the shit with Lauren, Brad, and Matt for a while. Brad and Matt left, Lauren and I stayed until a rather horrible cover duo hit the stage. Cabbed home. It was about 10:30 or so. I finished watching Inglorious Basterds (which I've been trying to do since Christmas) and was into be well before midnight as there was only thirty minutes of movie I needed to see.

Friday: Up at 7:30 for some strange reason. Worked until 6:30. Picked up Kailen. Came home. Did a little work (from 8pm - 9pm). Then we watched some Simpsons. He passed out on the couch. Woke him up and we both went to bed.

Kailen was up sometime at O-Dark-Early and had walked the dog and buggerd off to the hockey rink. I slept in (10am whoo!). Got up, made coffee. Made crepes when Kailen came in the door. Ate, walked the dog and headed off to Camp Fortune for some ski and snowboard fun.

Well, it was semi-fun for Kailen and not fun for me at all. You see, I haven't been on skis for about 15 years. The hill we ended up on was the "Intermediate" hill. This means that it's steep. Real steep. There I was, a grown man in jeans and a black jacket standing at the edge of a steep drop off, looking over. Kids are flying past me. They're taking the hill no prob. Kailen gets fed up waiting and zooms on down. I finally go for it and manage to wipe the fuck out and a ski comes off. I did this hill (called, of all things, "Pee-Wee") three times. Each time was a lesson in FAIL.

Kailen did fine. I feel bad that I was holding him back. I told him to go off and do runs and I'd wait. He did one more and then said we could go.

(EDIT: Kailen just got back from the rink. He told me that on my last run I was taking so long he had time to go up and do another run himself before I got to the bottom)

Realized on the way out that there is a less-steep hill I should have been on. Made a mental note for next time.

Kailen in between runs.

Sargent FAIL.

He is now up at the rink skating his ass off. I have just finished some more work (I know, I know. Shut up) and am now posting this. I will be going up to the rink with him tomorrow. And then my folks are coming over for dinner.

Monday, dunno. Work. Then, oh, whatever. Clean up the place a bit. It's not that dirty. I've been living in my office all week.

Tuesday Tara and Lily are back. Tuesday can't get here fast enough.
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