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127 Hours: Gave up on this one about half way through. It looked good, the acting was good but I don't really see anything special about a dude stuck in a cavern who ends up cutting his arm off. Good job of making us feel the claustrophobia, but whatever. The best this movie did was make me spend $10 on iTunes buying the Free Blood album because they did the song for the opening credits and it is fucking awesome.

The Social Network: I loved this movie from beginning to end. There is not a weak spot in it. Some people are saying that it is only good because Facebook is culturally relevant here and now. That may be but how many movies have you seen about an era in time (ANY era in time) that simply *nail* it like this film does? This is my personal favorite for Best Picture and Best Director. 

Black Swan: This one almost had everything: story, acting, cinematography but, personally, I felt as if something was lacking. Thinking about it, a good chunk of the story has to do with the dancer and her mother, yet this is not really pushed enough to make it anything more than what feels like an afterthought. I also thought the sexual tension between her and the director that everyone is going on about was not all that interesting on a sexual level. It was him trying to get her to come out and be the bad ass black swan... but it didn't feel overtly sexual. Or even  creepy. Or anything really. It was just kinda "there". That being said, Natalie Portman will win best actress.

True Grit: It's a western. Although the acting was amazing (why Hailee Steinfeld was only nominated for best supporting actress is beyond me), I liked this movie better when it was called Unforgiven. Also, the ending was a bit of a letdown in my eyes; the move just kind of ... stopped ... And then kept going nowhere for another ten minutes or so only she had one arm instead of two.

The Fighter: Same thing as True Grit. Some of the acting aside, I've seen this before when it was called Rocky and/or Raging Bull. My least favorite of the bunch so far. Ho-hum and predictable from beginning to end although Christian Bale has a good shot at best supporting actor. 

The Kids Are All Right: Starts off excellent then falls apart when one of the moms has sex with the donor dad. That cheapened the film to me. All of a sudden it went from awesome snapshot of a gay marriage with children to "one gay wife who has frustrations with parts of her marriage needs cock to find the way". Or something . Whatever. It turned into "Bullshit Hollywood Crap". Save yourself the time and watch Transamerica instead.

Inception: Awesome movie, only I grew tired of the gunplay in the last quarter of the movie. Inception builds on an amazing idea, then it turns to a shoot 'em up for a good thirty minutes before getting back to the main idea. The gunplay in the rest of the movie seemed focused and interesting. That snow battle though? Meh. At least it sorted itself out in the end so all was not lost.

The King's Speech: Amazing movie with great acting by Colin Firth. Greoffery Rush plays Geoffery Rush, but he plays him well (that's not really a put down, although I thought Rush's Captain Barbossa was a better acting job than this). Will probably win a lot because the academy loves period pieces. Especially if they're set in England. Firth will probably win best actor not only because it was a great performance, but the character has a handicap of sorts.

Toy Story 3: Obviously lacks the groundbreaking, well, *everything* of the original and the brilliant darkness and human qualities of the second. Still, Toy Story 3 was one of the better movies I saw in the past year. Best picture nomination though? It's way better than The Fighter so why not? It'll probably win Best Animated simply because it's Pixar

Winter's Bone: This is one of the very best of the ten. This movie had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. What's incredible is that this is achieved without any lame tricks or effects. It's pure tension mixed with a foreboding landscape shot in cold colours and simply amazing acting (Jennifer Lawrence has a decent shot at best actress but it's Natalie Portman's year I think)

My Pick: The Social Network.

What will probably win: The King's Speech.

Darkhorse: Winter's Bone.
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