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Work is moving along. Some days it's busy, other days it's kinda slow. One of the things I have been tasked with is finding and testing potential knowledge base and portal software; preferrably open source or inexpensive.

This means that I've had to brush up on what little Linux skills I have and dive head first into the command line to configure the jvm, Apache, Tomcat, PHP, and MySQL.

Let me tell you that Linux frustrates me to no end. I'm pretty sure it's because I've been spoiled by the Windows and Mac environment where everything is pretty much done for you without ever having to even look at a command line.

While I did manage to get one portal running on Ubuntu after much cursing and swearing, the portal itself sucked so I gave up and tried to get a server set up in OS X.

Wow. It wasn't super easy but it was much better than slogging through the swamp that is Linux.

The command line is still needed in OS X but, all in all, setting up Apache, MySQL, PHP, and the JVM took me the better part of a morning rather than the bulk of a week.

Yeah, there was still some cursing and swearing involved but at least I can actually start installing potential software and testing rather than spending all my time on Google looking for answers.

I'm not really going anywhere with this post other than to bitch about Linux ;)

Right. Some food then back at it.

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Things are moving along quite swimmingly these past few weeks.

For starters, I am changing jobs starting tomorrow. I'm heading over to Adobe to tackle Tier 2 Support on their Connect product with hopes of moving over to the design side of things at some point in the future.

Leaving Halogen was harder for me than it was for Mez, as he felt genuinely not wanted there. On the other hand, there was a feeling of disappointment around my section, and the office in general, when people started to find out I was leaving. The thing is, I liked working at Halogen. Most of the people there were beyond cool and, until recently, my job has always been pretty challenging; keeping my brain working overtime. Then they started pushing all the cool shit I do over to IT, who was less than enthusiastic about this (and, it seems, have no clue what a development server environment actually is), and my job became the "on paper" version of QA. Write the test cases, run the test cases.

I found my self stagnated and bored.

Of course, there was the company itself and the way it is run. Halogen is in the transition period in which they are a smallish company who is turning into a large company and the growing pains are very apparent... and very tiring. For example, more money being funneled into Marketing and sales than actual development and support. A few managers who can hardly make an executive desicion, let alone stand up for their team. A complete lack of policies and procedures. Question marks all over the HR side of things. I could go on, but I think you're all getting the idea.

Three years there, and you notice more than a fresh faced, ready to please employee does - then again, quite a bit of the new hires notice this in the first few weeks.

Anyway, I do which Halogen the best of luck and I mean that from the heart of someone who purchased his shares the last day he was there.

Tomorrow I am off to the shiny new Adobe building (a twenty minute bus, ten minute bike ride from our place) to start fresh with an established company who not only offered me a respectable salary, but who also has profit charing bonuses, a kick ass health plan, RRSP matching, stock options, a career path, and the chance to grow my knowledge.

Sure, it's support, but it's not rinky dinky, front line support and from what I hear, it super challenging. This is also happening at a time where Tara and I are planning to hunker down and take care of some nagging financial issues (namely, paying down the LOC) and, hopefully, start the planning phase of swapping houses with her mum.

As Timbuk3 would say, "the future's so bright I gotta find Corey Hart and punch him in the face becuase wearing shades at night is NOT COOL!"

(Sorry Mr. Hart, it's not. If you don't like it, go cry in your box)

On the music side of life, well, things are going pretty damn well. The demo tracks are recorded and have been bounced over to our computers. Mez and I are mixing via the Internet (hear that Sir Elton?), and mastering will be done sometime this week.

Everything sounds surprisingly good.

I say this because the four of us rented some equipment from Long & McQuade and went at it without any idea what we were doing. There were moments over the weekend we were laying down the tracks where all of us were thinking: "What the hell are we doing? This is going to sound like shit!"

Well, three weeks later, things are coming together in an huge way and our fears were all for not. The tracks are solid, the CD cover has been designed and I think you'll all be surprised at the quality of this project.

Also on the menu is our second show; opening for Diablo Red at Zaphod's. This is going to be huge fun as we've got nearly forty five minutes to play with this time around. We've spiced up the set a bit and added two new songs (both of which I think will turn more than a few heads).

I honestly can't wait, even though it'll be over before we know it.

A big shout out to [ profile] kaiser_sose for setting up this gig!

I think that's it for now... blah, blah, and all that crap. Not much of an ending but whatever.

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