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Just some random thoughts on Snow Leopard now that I've been beating it into the ground for over a month.
  • Initially kept Entourage installed because iCal had this weird issue where it would not save my calendar entries to the Exchange server (of course, not sending it to the invitees). Found a simple fix which was to set my timezone city to New York instead of Ottawa. Now iCal works and I've happily ripped Entourage off my system.
  • Am guessing the above issue has to do with the fact that my work Exchange server is in the States somewhere.
  • Now that I've had a chance to work with them full time I can say that Apple Mail and iCal are awesome and fast.
  • Booted the system into full-fledged 64bit the other day...
  • ... WOW. 64bit = Fast. Super Fast. Stable (so far anyway)
  • The only application that will not run under the 64bit kernel is VMWare Fusion. This will change though as version 3 is being released on October 27 and includes 64bit support (and support for Aero under Windows Vista/7 - a small "yay" for me because Win 7 is ok so far, but runs like crap under the Windows Basic UI)
  • Due to VMWare, I am running in the 32bit kernel for now; I need to use VMWare for work.
  • Safari 4 is so full of win, I only Firefox for testing issues at work.
  • That being said, sometimes Safari likes to gobble ungodly amounts of ram.
  • Fucked around and got MSN working in iChat via GoogleTalk over Jabber transport. This is awesome as I love iChat.
  • All in all, SL is worth the thirty five clams I paid for it. Will be worth even more once I can use it full time in 64bit.
  • Will be worth it even even more if Adobe codes CS5 in 64bit Cocoa.
  • Am planning to max out the ram in this thing come the new year.
Enough with the damn bulleted lists. Music. Yeah.

I've been spending a pile of money in iTunes lately. Have to say that my new favourite artist is, without a doubt, Patrick Watson. His new album, Wooden Arms, is the best album of 2009 (yes, I know the year isn't over yet, but there is no way it's going to be topped). That and his previous album, Close To Paradise, are in a constant loop in iTunes and on my iPhone. I think the last album that I listened to non-stop like this was Miss Machine by Dillinger Escape Plan and that was in 2004.

CBC Radio 2 and iTunes is proving to be an awesome combination :)

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Date: 2009-10-16 11:58 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
So I was this close to upgrading lauren and I. You say she is worth it? if yes I might go and pick up the family pack....

We still us Photoshop CS2...that could be the only thing that might not run...

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